429, Route de Cortenges – 74350 Cernex – France


La Ferme de Cortanges :

Was originally built in 1933. The farm was built by Mr. Excoffier and exploited by his daugther and his son-in-law. After a fire, the farm has been fully rebuild. We have purchased it in december 2005. the house was no more occupied since several years. We fell in love with this charming place and the wunderful sight on the valley and the village of Cernex.

In a first time, we have fully renovated the private part and later on, we have continued to upgrade the part where our hosts are located today.

The History of Cernex

Kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia
District : Geneva 1749, Carouge 1780
Geneva : 1847
Command : St. Julien until 1792